Travel Influencers: The Endless Content Creation Machine


By Andrés Muñoz

What makes a location “Instagrammable”? Is it the beauty of the environment? The magical rays of light that pop up during the sunsets? Or maybe it is the tens, if not hundreds, of people trying to take the money shot simultaneously without framing anybody else in the picture? 

Photographers and tourists with cameras have always been in the touristy hotspots of the world. I do wonder, though: how has the proliferation of social media, Instagram culture, and the need to show our “spectacular” lives affected how we see travel in the past decade and a half? Let’s look at some examples and see where the conversation takes us.

Recording Travels In The Early Noughties

The first time I began posting online about my travels was on Tumblr. I created a travel blog about a trip to Europe. I also made an entire travelogue (in Spanish) about a…

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