5 DIY Wall Decor Ideas That Dazzle


By Kelly Grigg

We all have it. That ginormous, empty wall that begs for… something. Anything. And we all have that teeny-tiny, framed photo that needs hanging. But we know this: there’s no way in heck we can put said photo on said ginormous wall because it needs something MUCH BIGGER. What to do? 

Read on, intrepid decorators! I’ve uncovered 5 DIY wall decor ideas that look great, are inexpensive and often use things you already own.

Grab A Collection And Toss It On The Wall!

The gallery wall is a fabulous way to jazz up space with either a collection of things you have or objects found on the cheap. A mismatched assortment of mirrors looks chic and adds depth to a small room. Photos are another solid choice, and can be placed directly on the wall, Tetris-style, or displayed on ledges.

What about that antique dinnerware…

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