Coping With Body Dysmorphia and Low Self-Esteem


By Kelly Grigg

“Wow, I look absolutely perfect! I could kiss this mirror; I’m just so bleeping GORGEOUS!” said no one. EVER. Well, aside from the infamous Narcissus of Greek Mythology, who died staring at his own reflection. So, yeah… hardly something to strive for.

The tragic fact is that almost every human, at some point, has looked in the mirror and been discouraged by the reflection gazing back at them. It’s human nature to self-criticise and to desire classic, good looks. And it’s also pretty universal to struggle with low self-esteem.

However, some battle with it at a much more heightened level, to the point of obsession. This is termed Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD.Let’s consider the differences between low self-esteem and BDD and learn about how we can tackle these issues.

The Difference Between BDD And Low Self-Esteem

A helpful description of low self-esteem is the…

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