5 Signs your Fur Kid Is Your Baby


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

“And they called it puppy love…” or so the song goes. It may be about teenage love, but being smitten with a cute little doggo or kitty is also one of life’s greatest joys. Their adorable little smushy faces, waggy tails or curly whiskers bring out our nurturing instincts and fill our hearts with love. 

Due to my nomadic lifestyle, I don’t currently have a fur family, so I enjoy friendly street dogs and neighbourhood cats or cuddling and playing with friends’ fluffies. I have even gone to dog cafes when I’m craving some Snoopy-esque snuggles.

Those of you lucky enough to have a pet in your family know how important they are. During the pandemic, animal adoption numbers went through the roof. People realised that having a hairy housemate (no, not that guy with the beard, although…) would make lockdowns more bearable.

But is there a…

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