What Is This Obsession With Celebrities?


By Karen Espig

Kim Kardashian’s fast-tracked diet to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress (worn in 1962 for JFKs 45th birthday event) has hit some nerves, fuelled debate, and rattled cages, but mostly, it has fed her personal social media machine. Wearing this particular dress was a no-brainer in terms of Insta-appeal.

Advocates for eating disorders, health specialists, and women’s groups, have been particularly critical and upset with Kim’s cavalier attitude to crash dieting and body transformation. They feel it adds to the toxic focus of weight obsession and once again places beauty in a narrow framework.

Historians are up in arms too, but that is another issue. This makes me wonder…why are we so fascinated with the rich and famous? Even Kim has a celebrity crush, having paid Ripleys—an undisclosed amount—to wear a dress worn by arguably the most iconic celebrity.

There Have Always Been Influencers

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