Eight Green Destinations For A More Eco-Conscious Vacation


By Andrés Muñoz

While most travellers like to relax and enjoy, we forget that tourism, with all its benefits, is also a major driving force that harms communities, environments, and more. When travelling you should choose places where you can be a responsible tourist.

Don’t just visit a faraway location, but be a part of its growth and evolution instead. Here’s a list of places you can visit to bring positive change.


The Norwegian Tourism Agency’s slogan is “Powered by Nature”, which is a great start! The conservation of nature in Norway is not just the responsibility of a few individuals or companies but a community-wide initiative.

Norway’s Green Travel section offers a vast range of places to stay and things to do. Norway offers it all, from sustainable hotels to catalogues of green activities and lists of tourist sites that the fewest people usually attend.


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