5 Tips For Smelling Fresh As A Daisy All Day (Without Perfume)


By Iolee Anagnostopoulou

Smelling good is just as important as your outfit when making a good impression. There’s also evidence that, apart from memories and emotions, people associate good smells with attraction. In a perfect world, we’d all smell peachy all day, every day. But not everyone can have that advantage, especially during the hotter months.

The good news is that smelling good isn’t a genetic trait. Anyone can smell fresh throughout the day, with or without the help of perfumes. It’s simply all about self-care. Your body’s natural odour is directly linked to your health, diet and personal hygiene.

What’s more, when you take the time to ensure you smell nice, this attention spreads into other areas of your life. And since scents affect our mood and productivity, smelling good can leave you feeling more confident, motivated and optimistic.

Here are 5 healthy tips for smelling great…

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