Have You Tried Lucid Dreaming Yet?


By Ari Liakeas

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it was hard to decipher whether it was actually real or not when you awoke?Sometimes our dreams can be incredibly fun, taking us on adventures we never even dreamed (no pun intended) of having.

Nightmares can happen too, and they can be extremely frightening. We wish we hadn’t let our imagination take us to that scenario. But what if we could have control of our dreams and the story happening in them? It is possible! Buckle up, and let me tell you how lucid dreaming can change your sleep. 

Dreams Are Important!

Most of us have around four or six dreams a night, and these flights of fancy can help us learn how our subconscious processes events in our waking world. They can assist us in figuring out how to deal with stuff happening in our lives…

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