The Battle Of The Book Adaptations


By Andrés Muñoz

“Have you seen this film?”

“I love it, but the book is so much better!”

This classic conversation topic will usually end with books being better than their film/TV adaptations, and in most cases, they would be right!

There is nothing like the words from the author’s original work. That being said, I’d like to explore a case for both. The key element is that they’re different mediums of expression. Here are some famous film and TV adaptations of books; let’s see how they’ve stood the public’s reception and the test of time.

Harry Potter: Characters On Screen Vs Characters In My Mind

While a film adaptation naturally comes with increased expectations from the original fan base, it’s an opportunity to transfer the author’s story to an audiovisual environment. Purists of a written work might be against it. They might have thought of an entirely different way…

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