How Not To Be Caught In A Narcissistic Trap, Tips For Empaths!


By Ari Liakeas

I’m sure at some point, we have all come across or been caught in the trap of dealing with a person with narcissistic behaviours. Whether that be in the form of a toxic love relationship, work colleague or even a family member.

Have you walked away from a disagreement in a relationship thinking, “I know I had a good point there and now I feel like rubbish and it appears to all be my fault”? Well, you have probably just been gaslighted by a narcissist. I know I have, and far too many times!

When you are an empathetic person, it is natural to exhibit compassion, understanding, consideration and awareness of others. You are more inclined to take the blame onto yourself.

So how do we get savvy to make sure we don’t fall into this form of abusive trap again?

The key is to…

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