Five Biggest K-Beauty Trends This Year 


By Audrey Tan

I’ve been a firm believer in Korean skincare since switching to Apieu’s Madecassoside moisturiser miraculously helped me repair my skin barrier and overcome my flaky, dehydrated skin. So whenever there’s a new Korean beauty craze, you bet I’ll be one of the first to give it a try!

K-Beauty taught me many life-changing skincare tricks, including the importance of spending time to learn about the ingredients I need and the ones to avoid. It also helped me understand the different types of products and why I should layer on my skin in a particular sequence.

Since the 10-step Korean skincare routine, there have been many new trends in K-Beauty. Let’s look at some of the trends everyone is talking about this year—who knows, they could change your life!

Plant-Based Ingredients

The younger generation of consumers cares more about using ingredients sourced from non-animal origins, so we’ll see…

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