Help! I’m Burnt Out And Want To Quit My Job!


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

Do you ever feel like leaping up from your desk, grabbing your stuff, walking out, and jumping on a plane to a secluded island? You are not alone. Pretty much every one of us has played this fantasy in our heads at some point. Maybe the boss is being extra annoying, or the gossipy harridans from accounting keep smirking over at you, making you wonder what you have done wrong now.

Agghhh!! Take me away from it all. Let me just lie on a beach sipping cocktails and catching up on Bridgerton. Instead, we gotta keep going on.Adulting is hard.

Even when you love your job (me most of the time), there are times we can all feel overwhelmed, underappreciated and STRESSED! Beyond the normal frustrations of having to be responsible and go to work daily, there is another work-induced state of mind called burnout.


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