The Content We Consume: Truth And Lies


By Audrey Tan

We live in a new age of media. It’s all around us at any given time. The latest Instagram Reels are playing on our smartphones, advertising dominates cityscapes everywhere, and the TV constantly blares out one sensationalist topic after the other. During the past few decades, the media has genuinely become omnipresent.

Since the inception of television and following its explosion of popularity in the 1940s, there have been plenty of discussions surrounding its effects on children’s cognitive development. To this day, the topic continues to divide the opinions of parents, social scientists, and policymakers worldwide, who are now worried about TV and all the other new media available to us.

Naturally, the media we consume has a profound effect on us. It shapes how we perceive the world; it can inspire and motivate us or drive us into melancholy and sorrow. It affects our thinking and…

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