What Is Plant Therapy And Why Is It Important


By Ari Liakeas

Plants have been used for healing and medicine for thousands of years and are still used worldwide in professional medical treatments. Sitting in nature or in a beautiful garden with vibrant blooms can naturally uplift or calm the senses. Many humble little plants can hold great power to maintain health and promote healing.

Lots of our modern-day pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors have come from an organic chemical compound found in plants before becoming a little pill to make us feel better.

For example, the Egyptians and other ancient cultures used the bark of the Willow tree for conditions with inflammation, fevers and to ease pain. In the 18th Century, pharmacologists used the chemical compound found in Willow Bark—salicylic acid—and refined it into what we know today as Aspirin.

The Healing Power Of Plants And Their Different Applications

So what are the different ways we can access…

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