What’s In A Haircut? Here’s Why Gender Affirming Haircuts Need To Go Away! 


By Ari Liakeas

When I was asked to write about this particular subject, my first thought was, ‘why is this even a topic? Why should anyone even care or bother themselves about this?‘ This wasn’t just my opinion; I spoke with others who had a very similar reaction.

I don’t in any way mean those thoughts in a harsh or uncompassionate manner; it just took me a moment to understand why it is a point of conversation for anyone.

Maybe I’m just open-minded and feel that people should be whoever they want to be, have their hair, clothes and bodies any way that makes them feel great about themselves, confident and alive and be allowed to do so without judgement.

But still, we should be compassionate to people who may have come up against ridicule, bullying, and narrow-minded attitudes regarding gender, sexuality or experienced feelings of being…

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