If You Are Against Animal Abuse, Stop Referring To Them As An “It”


By Ari Liakeas

Have you ever been referred to as IT by someone? How did that make you feel? I imagine it probably made you feel uncomfortable or insulted, leaving afterthoughts of “well that was rude“. So why would you treat a lovely pet like that? It just doesn’t make sense!

Animals Have Feelings Too

Animal lovers or honoured pet guardians worldwide will be well aware of the sentience of our animal friends. They show happiness and excitement when we return home, manage to communicate their needs for food and other daily routines, and respond to their names. Well, cats generally pretend not to, but they are still listening and understanding.

Some people, and yes, I am one of them, even have close relationships with their plants. They talk and sing to them, which has been proven to help them grow. A fascinating read on this topic…

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