Apparently, Love Island Is A Popular Show. Here’s Why


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

Love them or hate them, Reality TV shows have become a mainstay in our viewing lives. Whether they are competitive shows like The Masked Singeror The Great British Bake Off, or they take a look at “real life” on yachts (Below the Deck) in a courtroom (Judge Judy) or in the real estate business in California (Selling Sunset), it seems we can’t get enough of them!

But the one genre that keeps viewers hooked is the “Love” shows. Our lust for love has spawned a massive range of reality shows focussed on finding “The One”. Or at least “The one that will get me the most media coverage”. (Sorry. I swore I would leave my innate cynicism aside, but alas, my reality means that it is virtually impossible.)

It seems we are hooked on romance and, of course…

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