Apparently, Office Sick Shaming Is a Thing!


By Audrey Tan

Depending on where you live, flu season is either here or (sniffing) around the corner. And with a health-threatening pandemic still wreaking havoc as most people return to work in the office, hearing a cough or even a sniff can send alarm bells blaring. 

Thanks to this, sick shaming is becoming a thing in offices. Healthy colleagues who, fearing for their wellbeing, give not so subtle signals of dismay or repugnance towards ill colleagues who insist on coming to work even if they are getting paid leave.

What Is Sick Shaming?

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of people more anxious about their health. With fears of permanent symptoms from long COVID or even just worrying about catching and spreading the infection to loved ones, we can understand the fear of a sneezing colleague. Especially in an office space where everyone is…

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