Want To Have Better Sex? Here’s How You Can Train Your Brain


By Audrey Tan

We already know that mindfulness can benefit our overall health by allowing us to be in tune with our bodies. Similarly, when brought under the covers, it can help to boost arousal and desire, bringing you closer to fulfilment. The secret to fantastic sex, as it turns out, is all in your mind.

So, put away your toys, lotions, and tricks, and let’s take a look at how simply being mindful during sex can take you to greater heights than any tool or device you’ve ever tried. 

Unlocking The Sexy Mindset

Like all of our experiences—joy, happiness, fulfilment or sadness—they start in the brain. Any insecurities or anxieties about sex in general, your own body, or your partner may distract your focus and sabotage any sexy vibes. Even the most luxurious lingerie and erotic music will fail to work until you learn to get your insecure brain…

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