Here’s How To Start Meditating And Stick To It


By Audrey Tan

With all that’s going on in the world right now, sitting in silence even just for a couple of minutes, can be challenging without the mind wandering off on a tangent. But it is during these busy, troubling times we should be taking care of our mental health even more.

With the practice of meditation, we can learn to control how the mind processes and reacts to the information it receives, making us better equipped to deal with the unpredictability and uncertainties of life.

Want to start taking control of the millions of thoughts whizzing through your mind? Here are some simple and totally doable ways to get you started meditating and sticking with it, from one noisy mind to another!

Breathe Intentionally

Breathing in meditation goes beyond just simply inhaling and exhaling. It is more about focusing on how the body reacts with every breath you…

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