Up Dog, Down Dog! A Wellness Routine For Our Furry Family Members!


By Ari Liakeas

The wellness industry is expanding and becoming ever more popular, especially due to the recent covid pandemic. During lockdowns, people found the time to spend on themselves, to engage in the fitness and self-care routines they may have always wanted but never could because of work commitments. They revolutionised their diets and found new ways to a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness specialists, Yoga and fitness instructors, even massage therapists found innovative ways to deliver their skills and teachings via digital platforms, such as Om flow Yoga. Bringing classes and courses online for free or discounted fees allowed wider audience access. Those who may be too self-conscious to attend an in-person class or gym environment also joined in.

You only need to visit online platforms such as Instagram to see how popular the digital wellness industry has become.

But What About Our Fur Babies?

During covid, many people’s…

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