Love Lessons We Only Learn When It’s Too Late


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

Love makes the world go around. Or so they say. But it also teaches us lessons; some we learn too late, after having our heart smashed to smithereens.I had the loveliest boyfriend for three years. He was sweet, funny, kind and loved me. So why did I dump him?

I never met his family (despite living in the same building as his brother!) and barely any of his friends. He had been to my sister’s wedding, met most of my extended clan and regularly hung out with my friends. Yet, he was like a ghost to me. I knew pretty much nothing about him and his life.

I began to fear he was married and joked about meeting his wife and children someday. He wasn’t married. He didn’t have children. He just wasn’t as committed to sharing his life with me as I was with mine. It…

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