Hungry For The Spotlight? Thirst Trapping For Likes? Social Media: The Attention-Seeker’s Paradise


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

We all love a bit of attention and to feel like we are special, appreciated and loved. I mean, the big ol’ drama queen writing this is one of the first to bask in any plaudits she can. It’s part of why I am a writer. “Look at me, look at me”, my Facebook, Insta and articles scream. It’s also why I will occasionally screech a terribly out of tune rendition of Spice Girls “Wannabe” or The Fontaines DC’s “Boys in the Better Land” at karaoke. 

I blame it on being a middle child who had been the youngest for 10 years. I went from being the adored baby to having to sing, dance and fake-play guitar to compete with the cute little bundle that arrived. He was later knocked off his perch by another baby, compounding my middle child syndrome and driving him to become a…

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