Do Eye Creams Really Work?


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

I have been genetically blessed with young-looking skin, and since I drink lots of water daily, I don’t smoke, and I slap on lots factor 50 when I am in the sun (I’m Irish, anything below factor 30 is a license to burn!) my skin has remained relatively youthful. It is only now, as I approach the dreaded big 5-0, that I am starting to wish I could hold back the signs of ageing a little longer. 

Now, I am considering panic-buying every eye cream invented to try to find one to fill the ever-deepening wrinkles around my baby blues. But, this dilemma of trying to turn back the clock, or at least still its hands for a while, has me wondering if all these so-called miracle potions and lotions actually do their job.

Let’s investigate.

Do We REALLY Need Another Cream?

The bathroom shelf is already…

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