Are Manis And Pedis More Than Just Vanity?


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

Don’t you just love that glossy, newly done nail look that you get right after you step out of the nail bar? And looking at your perfectly painted toenails peeping out of your sandals is one of life’s simple pleasures for sure. But did you know that taking care of those lumps of keratin (yup, the same substance your hair is made from) at the ends of our hands and feet is not just about vanity? 

Sure, having conversation-starting designs or long, elegantly shaped nails looks fabulous. They can even make the scruffiest of people (me!) look tidy and looked after. But treating yourself to a mani/pedi can do a whole lot more than just improve your aesthetic. It can help with your physical and mental health too.

Don’t believe me? Read on…

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We all know that the sooner you deal with…

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