Five Books To Read When You Feel Lost


By Andrés Muñoz

The last time I felt lost was when my cellphone was stolen over the weekend. A pickpocket somewhere in the city would have grimly laughed if they could have seen me frantically looking for my phone. Suddenly, I felt stranded, without any means to contact my loved ones. At the same time, I was in a part of the city that I didn’t know so well, so my lack of bearings was both emotional and physical! 

The hours went by, and I was eventually able to get home. I also realised that objects come and go, and although recovering my phone’s information might be a hassle, I’m thankful that it was just a pickpocket and nothing else.

Being lost is a blessing in disguise. Whether you can’t find the proper directions in a city or a clear path to be okay inside your head, you will eventually…

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