Did You Know Interior Design Can Impact Mental Health?


By Audrey Tan

Have you ever walked into a room or space and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calmness? Or went into a messy space only to feel lost and confused? Some people may consider the work of interior designers to be superficial, that it’s all just about organising or arranging things, placing items in specific places to make a space look beautiful. But there’s more to interior design than what meets the eye. 

The intricacies of interior decoration can profoundly impact our mental health in ways that we sometimes do not entirely comprehend.

Interior design elements that can affect our mental wellbeing

Because we spend so much time inside, it’s crucial to think about how interior design affects our mental and emotional wellbeing. Some interior design incorporates psychology into the design process to enhance the space’s emotional impact. A variety of design methods and approaches can alleviate stress…

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