The World Needs More Cat Cafes—Here’s Why!


By Audrey Tan

If you’ve never been to (or even heard of) a cat cafe, this one’s for you! Besides being cute and cuddly, cats can provide many benefits to our mental health. Have a particularly trying day at the office? Consuming too much negative news? Or just having one of those days?

Cat cafes allow you to take a moment to relax and enjoy the unconditional love of a feline friend. Here are some reasons why I think the world needs more cat cafes:

Get Some Cat-Loving

The concept of cat cafes originates in Taiwan but have since been adopted by many other countries. They flourish in countries like Japan and Hong Kong, where owning a pet is difficult due to small living spaces and long workdays. Thus, the cafes offer a solution allowing those who love pets to relax, have a coffee, eat, play, and cuddle with a…

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