Is Travel Dead Or Just In Intensive Care?


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

I have always travelled. My parents moved me from Ireland to Canada as a baby. I joke that I was almost born on an airplane as getting into a hunk of metal and gliding through the sky feels nearly as natural as breathing for me. But then again, as a severe asthmatic, even breathing doesn’t feel very natural sometimes. 

When my youngest son struck out in the big bad world alone (or went to university, as most people not quite so prone to hyperbole might say), I packed a big backpack and hit the trail to live out my dreams as a digital nomad. Asia was my first destination and, as it turned out, pretty much my only one.

That was 2017, and after a life of bouncing around mainly Southeast Asia (apart from Sri Lanka, India and Nepal and some time in Portugal), using Kuala Lumpur…

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