Avoid The “Lockdown Look” With These Hair Cutting Tips


By Audrey Tan

Because we can’t see our heads from a 360-degree angle, cutting your own hair is usually not a good idea. Trained professionals have the tools and experience and understand the potential aesthetic effects. They know how much cutting is required to get the desired results. 

Nonetheless, there are instances when you simply cannot make it to the hairdressers. Whether it’s a global lockdown due to a pandemic or you just can’t get an appointment, if you must cut your hair at home, we’re here to offer some guidance.

Consider whether a haircut is truly necessary

Hairdressers combine years of training and experience to develop their techniques and perfect their style. Even with a good pair of scissors, some tips and tricks from the internet and countless how-to videos, you might not get your intended results.

This is why any stylist will advise you to not be too…

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