Ice Globes—The Coolest Facial Tools In Town


By Julie-Ann Sherlock

If you are anything like me, the recent holiday period has played havoc with your skin. Late nights, rich foods and too much alcohol are all no-nos when you want to look young, healthy and fresh-faced. Yet, the celebrations and parties in the past few weeks demanded such indulgence from poor little me. It’s not my fault I can’t say no to a party, is it?

So the bags under my eyes, the blotchy skin, and the spots (yes, you can still get zits in your 40’s!!) dotted around my face all tell the tale of my excesses. Spoilsports.

But what is this I see? Is there a knight in shining armour approaching with a solution to the dilution of my youthful looks? Yes! A new hero is emerging to restore my pre-holiday (eh um) perfection—the ice globe facial.

What Is An Ice Globe Facial?

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